I have now powered the Amiga 1200 up and amazingly after at least 27 years the hard drive whirred into action and booted into Workbench, very quickly. I am too used to working with Windows these days and was expecting a long load time but it was about 16 secs from turning on the switch to landing on the Workbench screen.

Looking through the drawers I soon remembered that you can’t just double click on a file and expect it to be associated with a program.  You have to load the program first then load the file from within the program. It was all there though. All the Amos projects, the mod files, the games and pictures.

The only thing I can’t currently locate is the stuff I did in Blitz Basic. Surely I wouldn’t have saved that to floppy? I am hoping it is buried deep in a tunnel of drawers somewhere as Blitz was my last programming language after Amos on the Amiga and as I recall some of our better stuff was done on it towards the end.

One thing I noticed was the hard drive was louder than the vacuum cleaner, I am sure it was never that loud back in the day. A ppreciate technology has made advancements over the years but this thing was loud. So I decided to look into backing it up as soon as possible.