It is currently June 2020 and the world is thinking about coming out of lockdown after the spread of the Covid-19 virus. How many people have sat down at the potters wheel, blank canvas or sheet of paper and made the decision to finally create that master piece during the last three months.

Since around 2014 I have had an idea for a story that has had many starts. Over the last 6 years it has changed so much and it has been partly that change that has stopped me writing anything down. In my mind the story has developed and I have made notes on these developments but still nothing committed. I tell a lie I have the first three chapters in a very rough format. Like a lot of writers I have read about I seem to suffer from procrastination so maybe that’s a good sign that I am in good company. I will literally find anything to do to avoid unloading these ideas into the real world.

With the world going through such a dramatic change right now maybe its time I did and finally got on with it. I read some writers like to keep a blog of their progress so I am committing this part of my site to that blog. Wouldn’t it be awful if I started this blog and never added anything to it? That’s my motivation right there in black and white.