When writing I use Write Monkey. There are currently two versions; the older no longer updated version 2 which only works on Windows and the newer improved version 3 that works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Write Monkey gives a great distraction free writing environment so no clocks or little notifications to tempt you away. Its also portable so you can pop it on a pen drive or into the cloud.

I would love to use version 3 as I use Linux Mint and Windows 10 depending on where I am and what equipment is to hand but unfortunately version 3 is tied down to a database system which is just messy when trying to synch files in the cloud to use between systems. Where as version 2 edits text files beautifully so I can use Drop box, One Drive or whatever to keep the portable version and my text files all following me and keeping well behaved. It does mean I can only use Windows but if push comes to shove I can always use Office 365 to edit documents in Linux via a browser.

You can find it over at https://www.writemonkey.com/


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