It’s a Tuesday and I am on one weeks holiday during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Not an ideal time for a Holiday but looking how the year has gone so far I don’t know when will be.

Like many I have been working through the pandemic, as a key worker providing support for schools and reading rather enviously of the people gardening and enjoying their time at home. However after the decision was made by Hampshire County Council to withdraw that support back in January this year, I have now found a new job which I start on Monday which has nothing to do with schools, but I believe is still classified as key work. So another change but still no gardening for me.

So a week off with nowhere to go. Time to pick up where I left off with the book I am writing. It has only been 6 years in the making with many a rewrite but the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting just enough and there is a light breeze blowing across the garden so all is ideal. I expect there will be many a book written this year I don’t have much faith that mine will be done this year but would be great to have at least got the first version down on paper.

Write I am off to the kitchen to make a big coffee then shall start. will keep you posted.


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